Cop gets 45 days’ leave for ‘expanding family’

New Delhi: With fever, family gathering and loose motion being the most common excuses, taking a leave when we were students wasn’t very difficult.

However, as we grew our leaves decreased. While asking for an off day became a ‘herculean task’ in itself, one should also be ready with a logical reason to cushion the demand. But here we have a case that will surely make you laugh.

Som Singh, a police constable in the Mahoba town police station, Uttar Pradesh, applied for a 30-day leave to “expand his family”. The application went viral on social media.

In the application, he requested his superior to allow him to take leave from June 23. While he had asked for a leave of 30 days, his superior granted him 45 days’ leave. Singh, however, claimed that the letter that has gone viral is fake and he had actually asked for a month’s leave from June 25 so that he can construct his house.
Sources said that Som Singh had earlier cited “leave to expand family” as a reason but later changed his application under pressure from higher officials.

But this is not the first time we are coming across weird ways of taking leaves. Remember the incident of a Pakistani boy trying to get his school leave sanctioned by singing in front of the headmaster?

While that one can be termed as cute, this one was outright hilarious.