Cong’s ‘sachhe din’ to counter BJP’s ‘achhe din’

New Delhi: To counter BJP’s ‘achhe din’ slogan, the party will use ‘sachhe din’ as its tagline for the elections in 2019.

According to party sources, the jingle of “sachhe din aane wale hain (days of truth are coming)” is getting ready. This will not be a parody of BJP’s song during last election. The party is also making several short films to popularise the new slogan. With focus on PM Narendra Modi, the party plans to highlight the ‘lies’ of the BJP.

Focus on social media

The team of Divya Ramya Vandana, who is supervising the social media and digital communications for Congress, is giving final touches to the party’s strategy in this regard. The team has heard over 800 clippings of Modi’s speeches delivered in the last four years and are matching them with facts. For printed material, the Congress is preparing a list of the promises the BJP made in the last election, which were not fulfilled. A strategist said, “The list of more than 200 false promises is ready. It includes 10 false promises, each of 20 major issues.”

Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said, “The only strategy is to spread the truth. We will never spread propaganda messages, which are propagated by our rival parties. That’s why we named the campaign itself as sach Bharat or True India.”

‘Ab jao Modi sarkar’

The other slogans use by the Congress, which will inspire on the main theme of ‘sachhe din’, are reminiscent of BJP’s slogans of 2014. These slogans are on the tone of Ab jao Modi sarkar (Now, leave Modi government.)

(Story by Mukesh Kaushik)