Congress tries to troll BJP, gets trolled itself

New Delhi: A video of French footballer Paul Pogba goofing around, shared days after the FIFA World Cup ended with France’s 2:1 victory over Croatia, was used by the Congress in a meme to make a point.

Congress’ official Twitter handle posted a GIF of Pogba appearing to search for someone, with the text: “When someone says Achhe Din”, and captioned it: “Pogba and us, same feels.”

Commenting on the tweet someone changed the caption and used the same video to hit out at Rahul Gandhi. The user @TheGuruGhantal, wrote, “Here fixed it” and shared the same video which had the following text: Looking for a Congress leader who can compete against Modi”

As the general election 2019 nears, the Congress took to attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s biggest let-down — “Acche Din(good times)”. The phrase also became the source of many memes on the Modi government over demonetisation and other steps, over the years.

Many more comments flew in to troll the Congress, in various ways: