Congress/ Sonia Gandhi slams Narendra Modi Govt over RTI amendments, says final assault on democratic institutions

New Delhi: Attacking Narendra Modi government over the amendments made in the Right To Information (RTI) Act, Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Thursday alleged that the “BJP government has now launched its final assault to decimate RTI”. Sonia also

She said that the Congress will continue to fight the Modi Government in these ‘self-serving actions which are the very opposite of national interest’.

In a statement, Mrs Gandhi alleged that the Modi government has seen the RTI institution as ‘obstacle to enforcing their majoritarian agenda without being held accountable to people”. 

Information commissioner dependent on mercy of government with new amendment: The Congress President said- To weaken RTI, the Modi government has approved amendments that will make the post of Information Commissioner dependent on the mercy of the government. During the first term of the Modi government, the posts of Information Commissioners remained vacant for most of the time. Even the post of Chief Information Commissioner remained vacant for 10 months.