Grand Old Party resorts to crowdsourcing of money and issues

New Delhi: The Congress has decided to crowdsource money and issues for Lok Sabha elections. The party would collect funds from general public and also raise the issues suggested by them. This crowdsourcing campaign is similar to the model of America’s Democratic Party.

Model was adopted for first time by AAP

This model was adopted for the first time by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in 2013. The Congress would try this model in the forthcoming assembly polls of five states.

‘Congress Mitra’

The party has formed teams of 10 workers at booth level. Each worker will contact at least 30 families in his area with donation coupons ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 2000. The families who donate will be registered as ‘Congress Mitra’ or friend of Congress. The party will give priority to local issues for fundraising in states.

In Rajasthan, party state president Sachin Pilot and former chief minister Ashok Gehlot are in the role of fundraiser. Here, Rs 8.19 lakh were collected through 349 ‘Congress Mitras’ in 31 days.

Rs 1.5 lakh raised for kin of slain party worker

In Mumbai, 147 Congress Mitras donated about Rs 1.5 lakh for the family of a party worker who had been murdered. In Karnataka, Rs 10 lakh were raised to fight against mining mafia.

Crowdsourcing of issues

The party has also prepared a plan to do crowdsourcing of issues. It has been named ‘Jan Aawaz’. The party has formed 20 sub-groups, who will ask people what their expectations are from the next government. Efforts will be made to make the crowdsourcing of issues successful through social media.

(Story by Mukesh Kaushik)