Congress leader Renuka Chowdhary invokes ‘Me Too’ in an interview; says casting couch a ‘bitter truth’

New Delhi: Congress leader Renuka Chowdhary, on Tuesday said that casting couch is a ‘bitter truth’ and it exists ‘not just in the film industry but everywhere’, including parliament.

The former Rajya Sabha member’s remark came in response to Saroj Khan’s statement justifying the exchange of sexual favours for work.

“It is not just in the film industry. It (casting couch) happens everywhere and it is the bitter truth. Don’t imagine that Parliament is immune or other workplaces are immune to it. It is time that India stood up and said, ‘Me Too'”, said Chowdhary.

‘Me Too’ is a movement against sexual harassment and assault. The phrase was popularized by US actor Alyssa Milano in an attempt to encourage women to tweet about their experience with sexual misconducts and “give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem”

In October 2017, the hashtag #MeToo went viral and was used on social media, to highlight the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace.

Earlier in the day, veteran Hindi film choreographer Saroj Khan, sparked a controversy, when she said that the mentality of casting couch has existed in Bollywood for decades, ‘but at least it provides a livelihood.’