Commissioner, collector have experience of working as ‘safai karmi’!

Jaipur: The Jaipur municipal corporation has advertised 4,961 posts of safai karmis. The applicants are required to submit certificates stating that they have experience of doing sanitation work.

So far, more than 34,900 applications have been received and many of the applicants are such who have never even held a broom in their hands. But they have duly furnished experience certificates.

Two Bhaskar reporters visited 45 different agencies and sought experience certificates. And almost everywhere, they were successful. They could even get experience certificates made in the name of senior officials like district collector Siddharth Mahajan and municipal commissioner Ravi Jain. The firms also issued certificates in the name of a deceased person.

Experience certificate in the name of Collector

One of the Bhaskar reporters reached the office of an agency located at Chanvaria Marg and asked for an experience certificate to be made in the name of  district collector Siddharth Mahajan. When the agency personnel asked him for the name of the father of the applicant, the reporter gave the name of the collector’s father. Without crosschecking any detail, the agency issued a certificate of 1 year and 10 days experience for Rs 800.  When the reporter asked if this certificate would work, he was told that they had issued certificates to thousands of people

Municipal commissioner has 5 years’ experience

The Bhaskar team reached the office of another agency, which was crowded by persons seeking certificates. When their turn arrived, a reporter gave the name of the corporation Commissioner Ravi Kumar Jain. The only other detail the agency asked for was the name of the applicant’s father. Without any delay, the names were filled out and the agency issued a 5 year experience certificate on the spot. Another person sitting at the desk took Rs 500 from the reporters. When the reporter asked if the certificate would be acceptable, the agency worker retorted saying that “Can’t you see the GST number on the letterhead”.

We cannot check every application

Sanjay Deval, deputy commissioner of personnel branch of the corporation said that the corporation has received thousands of applications. “It is not possible to check the veracity of the experience certificate of each applicant” he said. But if someone lodges a complaint, action will be taken. Action will be taken against those who have submitted fake certificates, he added.

Ashok Lahoti, Mayor, Jaipur Municipal Corporation said that issuing experience certificates in return for money was illegal. Documents of the selected candidates will be examined before appointment.