Coke founder was ‘Shikanji’ seller: Twitter can’t stop trolling Rahul Gandhi after he goofs up again!

New Delhi: While addressing the National OBC convention of the Congress at New Delhi’s Talkatora Stadium on Monday, party president Rahul Gandhi said that the person who founded drink brand Coca-Cola used to sell ‘Shikanji’ in America, while the founder of McDonald’s used to run a ‘dhaba’ in the country.

This is not the first time Rahul has said something like this. Earlier, while addressing a rally, Rahul had been trolled for saying, “Poverty is nothing else but a state of mind. You should not relate it with the scarcity of food or materialistic things. Confidence is the key to overcoming poverty.”

Here’s how twitter reacted to Rahul’s McDonald’s and Coca Cola comment:

Although there are many such tweets floating on twitter. We fished out some of the best ones for you.