CMO’s tweet on ‘no roads’ gives Oppn ammunition to slam govt

Tweet highlighted health dept's feat of 100% vaccination in Madhya Pradesh.

Bhopal: A self-congratulatory tweet from chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s office to highlight an achievement by the health department backfired, as the Opposition slammed the government for lack of roads in the state.

The chief minister’s office (CMO) tweet said a health department team had to walk for 10 km to successfully meet the target of 100% vaccination in Madhya Pradesh as there were no roads to connect some villages in the state.

The tweet added the team had to walk through jungles and even used boats to reach three remote villages in Chhatarpur, including Kharyani and Sukhvaha, as they were not connected by roads.

Nath attacks Chouhan govt

Congress state president Kamal Nath attacked Chouhan by re-tweeting the CMO’s tweet. Nath said that Chouhan had himself accepted that there were no roads in villages in Chhatarpur, because of which the health department’s team had to walk for 10 km to complete vaccination targets.

He said this exposes Chouhan’s earlier claims that roads in MP were better than those in the US. Responding to queries on Chouhan’s pellet drum (damru) statement, Nath said he is doing so despite MP becoming number one in rape incidents and farmer suicides.


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