Six-year-old injected with horse tranquiliser, raped thrice, left to die with slit throat

Yamunanagar (Haryana):┬áIn another horrendous case of child rape, the police, on Wednesday, arrested a man from former minister Nirmal Singh’s stud farm at Belgarh for raping and then murdering a six-year-old girl.

Vet’s assistant

The accused, Devi, 40, is a resident of Jaisalmer. He was working for the past eleven years at Singh’s stud farm as veterinary doctor’s assistant.

The police said that Devi used to visit the 6-year-old girl’s father often and was known to her. On Saturday afternoon, when the girl’s father went to the river to fish, the accused took the girl to a secluded place on the pretext of taking her to her father. He injected girl with Xylazine, a horse tranquiliser, which made her fall unconscious. After this, the accused raped the girl thrice in about eight hours. When the girl began to regain consciousness, he murdered her by slitting her throat with a vegetable knife.

On June 3, her body was found in a ditch in a deserted area. Postmortem confirmed sexual assault.

Child rape accused is father of three

SP Rajesh Kalia said that the accused Devi is the father of three children. He used to work in the former minister’s stud farm under the veterinary surgeon Dr. Aman. Despite being illiterate, he was given the job of managing the drug store on the farm. He had knowledge of which medicine the doctor gives to tranquilise a horse.

Knew how long the effect of drug would last

The SP said that on Saturday, being a holiday, Devi was high on drugs. When he found the girl crying, he took her to a deserted place on the pretext of taking her to her father. He injected the girl with about 3 ml of the horse tranquiliser, which made her fall unconscious. After raping her, he went back to his room. There, he drank alcohol and three hours later reached the scene and raped the girl again.

The SP said that Devi knew how long the effects of the drug would last and so he went back to the place where he had abandoned the girl a third time at 7:30 pm. As the girl was regaining consciousness, Devi raped her a third time. To ensure that the girl doesn’t tell anybody, he killed her.