Chidiya Ghar fame Debina Bonnerjee reduces her weight, says feeling confident for a glamorous role in Vish

Actress Debina Bonnerjee, who has worked in shows like Ramayana and Chidiya Ghar, is very serious about her health. Regardless of how busy her routine is, she does not start her day without exercising.

Debina, who is going to make a comeback on TV with the serial ‘Vish’ which started on June 10, told Dainik Bhaskar that she has reduced weight by about 9 kg within two months and she is very happy about it. This transformation has not only given satisfaction in personal life, but it has also proven to be beneficial for her show ‘Vish’.’ Now I feel confident for a glamorous role in Vish,’ she said.

Debina Bonnerjee played Sita in the 2008 television series Ramayan.] Her first television role was in the Tamil TV serial Mayavi (2005). Bonnerjee has also appeared as Mayuri Narayan in Chidiya Ghar, and in several reality shows.

Have to spend 12-14 hours on sets

Working on TV is not easy. An actor has to spend at least 12-14 hours on the set. In such a case, a person’s health and body suffer. The workload is so much that many people do not care for their health even if they want to. Something similar happened to me. My health began to worsen while doing daily shows.

But after I got an opportunity, I decided to fix it. I work hard for my body. Whether it is exercise or diet. I have decided that I will take healthy food and no matter how busy my routine is, I will never miss the exercise session. I never wanted to be slim. But it is very important to be healthy and fit. I believe it is very important to exercise to stay healthy.

Healthy habits can make a difference

I have lost about 9 kg in the last 2 months and I am feeling very good. I was never unfit, I was 63 kg earlier and now I have become 54 kg. This transformation is also proving me beneficial for my upcoming show. My character in ‘Vish’ is a bit glamorous, so now I can experiment with the outfit. In short, I believe that healthy habits can make a lot of difference in your life.