Chh’garh: Candidate turns up with Rs 10K in coins for buying nomination papers

Kawardha (Chhattisgarh): Independent candidate Sunil Sahu reached the collector’s office here on Friday with Rs 10,000 in coins for buying nomination papers for the coming Assembly elections in Chhattisgarh. He was carrying the coins in a sack, which weighed 32 kg.

The sack contained 3,000 coins of each of Re 1 and Rs 2, 2000 of Rs 5 and 2000 of Rs 10.

The officials were taken aback when Sahu put the sack on the table and sought the form. They could not have say no for the rules stipulate that no one can refuse to accept legal tender.

Still, they sought permission from the deputy returning officer JK Dhruv and then began counting the coins. It took them three hours to complete the exercise.