Chhattisgarh: Runaway children are hardly aware of dangers of outside world

Jagdalpur: Police have recovered 20 children, including 15 girls, reported missing from different areas of the district under Operation Muskan so far. Five of these were recovered by the police within 48 hours itself. These children had strayed away from their homes, family, district and state. Each child has his own story.

15 children still missing since 2014

ASP Sanjay Mahadeva said that under Operation Muskan, 20 children who were reported missing were recovered from different states and cities. He told that since year 2014 there are 15 who are still missing since 2014 and could not be traced.

Left home due to fear of failure in exam

A girl left home two days before result day as she feared failure in exam. She feared that the family members would be angry when the result would come. She was later recovered by the Police from Raipur.

Not interested in studies, dreamed big

This boy was not interested in studies studying before, he started working in Sagar. When things did not work out, he went to Raipur with the desire to become a big man. Police however recovered him.

Borrowed money from his relative for satta

Police recovered one boy from Hyderabad under Operation Muskan. This boy had borrowed money from his own relative on interest to invest on IPL satta. When he lost and his debt increased, he ran away.

Girls went to house of friend’s uncle, got late and then didn’t return

Two minor girls went missing 3 days ago. Both had gone to uncle’s house. When they got late, they did not return home for fear of being scolded and kept wandering here and there. Finally they were recovered.