Chhattisgarh: Of 80K RTE seats, 46K go back to schools

Admission process for this academic session complete

Raipur: Out of 80,000 seats in private schools in Chhattisgarh, reserved for the children of poor families under the Right to Education (RTE) Act, nearly 46,000 have been left vacant. In capital Raipur, the maximum, 5,103 children have been admitted. However, 3,000 seats still remain vacant. Raigarh is at the second place, where 3,051 children got admission under RTE, followed by Bilaspur, where 3,026 children took admission in private schools.

The admission process for the current academic session is over and the vacant seats have been returned to the private schools. They will be free to fill them up according to their will.

Online applications

Officials said to ensure admission against the maximum number of seats, applications were invited online from all over the state. A total of 77,000 applications were received for 80,000 seats. But despite the high number of applications, admission was given to only 20,000 children.

Why seats remained vacant?

Officials probed why so few children got admission. There were several reasons. It was found that in nearly 60,000 applications, only one school was selected, while the guardians could have selected up to four schools. Thus, if there were no seats left in the chosen school, the student could not be admitted to any other school. Besides, many applications were incomplete.

To fill vacant seats fresh applications were invited. But ultimately not more than 34,000 seats could be filled.

No takers for Hindi medium

In Raipur people were more interested in sending their children to English medium schools as not even a single application was received for city’s 26 Hindi medium schools.

Top school throws out student admitted under RTE

Rajkumar College, Raipur

Two years back, Shirish Pathak got admission in Class-1 at Rajkumar College under RTE but was not allowed to appear in the final exam. The school said it did not receive reimbursement of his fee from the government. In May, the child and his father met Rahul Gandhi during his visit to the capital. But despite assurance from Rahul, Shirish’s studies remain suspended.

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