Chhattisgarh: Meet school teacher Harsha Baghel, the ‘Padwoman’ of Jagdalpur

Jagdalpur, Chhattisgar: An English lecturer at Jagdalpur’s Bakawand Girls Higher Secondary School has become the Padwoman for the school’s girl students. Harsha Baghel is the only woman in the district to carry sanitary pads with her all the time.

She gives pads to the girl students whenever they require them. She spends money from her pocket to buy the pads. Besides school students, she also gives pads to the girls and women of her locality. She makes the women and girls aware about the use of sanitary pads.

No vending machine at Bakawand school

The sanitary pad vending machine has not yet been installed at the Bakawand Girls Higher Secondary School.

The women and child development department is not making any efforts in this direction. For the convenience of the girls, Harsha started buying sanitary pads from her own salary. She has been doing this for the last two years.

Harsha also helps the children in their studies. She conducts free extra classes for the children who are weak in studies. Harsha helps students in English, Maths and Science. She also buys books and stationery for the poor students. She does charge any money for assisting them. She only asks them to promise that they would not quit studies under any circumstance.