Chhattisgarh: Children write answers of questions of English paper in Hindi

Raipur: In the government schools of the state, the children write the answers of the questions in English question papers in Hindi. But the teachers award them marks.

Many children write only the roll number and leave the answer-sheet blank.

Children cannot write the names of days and months. Children of 6th standard cannot write their name and address correctly.

In English papers, the Hindi translation of the questions is also provided. Children don’t understand English. They answer in Hindi after reading the Hindi translation.

Children are not assessed properly due to the grading system. They are awarded A, B, C, D and E grades.

Children are made to learn the essay and the poem the whole year. But still they can’t write them properly.

RK Gupta, principal, Trimurti Nagar School, said the course should be such that the children can learn English and can read, write, speak and understand it.

(Story by Sudhir Upadhyaya and Amitabh Arun Dubey)