Chhattisgarh: 15-year-old girl dies after taking filaria pill in school

Girl felt dizzy after taking the tablet and drowned in a pond where she had gone to wash her hands and feet

Balod: A Class-9 student died after taking a tablet for filaria given to her on the opening day of filaria eradication drive. The incident took place at Latabod higher secondary school, about 15 km from Balod district headquarters in Chhattisgarh. The 15-year-old Revati Sahu’s family members have alleged she died after consuming DEC (diethylcarbamazine citrate) tablet for filaria. However, the doctors said they could not confirm it and were waiting for post-mortem report.

Felt dizzy after taking pill

About 500 children of Latabod school were given filaria pill during prayer at 10am. Revati felt dizzy after taking the tablet. She came home at about 2pm and told family members that she was feeling dizzy and did not feel like eating. She then went to a nearby pond to wash her legs and hands.

After 5 minutes, the family learnt that she had drowned in the pond. Mother Dinbati and sister Veena brought Revati out of the pond and took her to the village hospital where the doctors asked her to take her to the district hospital. At the district hospital Dr RK Shrimali declared her dead.

Collector orders seizure of tablets

Balod district collector Ranu Sahu has ordered the seizure of tablets. She said the medicines would be examined. The exact cause of death would be revealed by the autopsy report, she added. The collector has formed a team to investigate. The team includes SDM Harish Mandavi, tehsildar, development block education officer and health officer.

‘Death not caused by filaria pill’

District nodal officer Dr SK Soni said that the family members have made wrong allegation. The death has not been caused by filaria pill and it is possible the girl could be suffering from epilepsy. He said the pill if taken in empty stomach causes dizziness.

She was not an epilepsy patient, says girl’s sister

Revati Sahu’s elder sister Veena said that her sister did not suffer from epilepsy. She was healthy and had taken food in the morning. She did not take the tablet empty stomach. She died due to the filaria pill, Veena said.

Ratabod Higher Secondary School principal TR Comia said that on Friday about 500 children were given filaria tablet.

20 other children become sick

20 other children became sick after taking filaria and vermicelli pills. 18 children were given medicines. Two students, Kusum Sahu, 10, and Pooneshwari 19, have been hospitalised after their condition deteriorated.