Chandigarh: Doctor saves a Hindu woman and a Kashmiri Muslim man through a unique swap kidney transplant

Chandigarh: Transplant surgeon Dr Priyadarshi Ranjan and his team performed kidney transplantation under a critical surgery and made a new bond of relationship between two Hindu and Muslim families.

Dr Priyadarshi Ranjan, who is also the consultant of urology, endourology and transplant surgery, achieved this feat with his team of doctors. He was leading the team in this surgery.

Abdul Aziz, 53, a Kashmiri Muslim, had been struggling for life on dialysis due to kidney failure for the last one year. But his blood group did not match with the group of his wife Shazia, 50, who wanted to donate her kidney.

Similarly, blood groups of Bihar woman Manjula Devi, 42, and her husband Sujit Kumar, 46, did not match. So in spite of being a legal kidney donor, Sujit could not donate his kidney to his ailing wife Manjula as per the guidelines of the Human Organ Transplantation Act of India.

The couple received a ray of hope through Swap Kidney Transplant, where these two families came in contact with each other through the Kidney App. Now there is an emotional bonding between the two families.