Chandigarh: Councillor charged with ‘damaging public property’ for pouring filthy water on Mayor’s table!

Chandigarh: The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has send a notice to BJP councillor Chandrawati Shukla, charging her with ‘damaging public property’. The Corporation commissioner said that if the reply to the notice is not satisfactory, further action would be taken against her.

The notice has been served following Shukla pouring a bottle of filthy water on the table of the Mayor during a meeting of the Corporation on October 30. She said she had done so to draw attention to the poor quality of water being supplied to her ward.

‘Will have to face the consequences’

However, the municipal corporation, instead of taking cognisance of her complaint, has sent a notice to her. Commissioner KK Yadav said that the councillor had ‘damaged public property’ and would have to face the consequences.

Shukla said that she would reply to the notice soon. “What shocks me is that instead of ensuring that clean water is supplied, they are putting me in the dock,” she said.