‘Chai pi lo’ goes global and you have to look at this!

New Delhi: ‘Hello friends, Chai pi lo!’ If you are online, we are sure you have not missed this. Somvati Mahawar urging people to have tea or even exclaiming that its hot has gone viral. Don’t ask us why.

Now, you can see Yale graduate Ben Stern, who runs the Facebook page ‘Firangi Memes’, taking sips outs of his black travel mug and saying the five ‘golden words’. Yes, he is saying that in Hindi.

Hello friends! Follow Firangi Memes for more of this to come. Garam hai. 🙂

Posted by Ben Stern on Thursday, June 14, 2018


Not only this, his recent one is about watermelon. You can hear him say ‘meetha hai’, just like Mahawar.

Tarbuj kha lo!

Posted by Firangi Memes on Friday, June 15, 2018


Stern is not the only one, earlier Mumbai Police and Mother Dairy also seemed to be influenced by Mahawar.

33-year-old Stern grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Law School. He even practiced law in New York City for two years.

Unsatisfied with a career in law, Stern moved to Silicon Valley and founded “IvyAchievement,” a college consultancy that helps students, especially from India, apply to top schools in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

“As a college admissions consultant, I need to understand the needs and desires of Indian teenagers and young adults… By making these memes, I can connect with Indian young people,” he told a leading media group via email. “What I do is provide a bridge to the Western world, and what better way to start building that bridge than by making entertaining Internet memes?”

The “Chai pi lo” video was brought to his attention by a colleague from IvyAchievment’s Delhi office. “I’ve done other parody videos of Indian memes that have been very well-received,” Mr Stern says. “Kids have found my videos entertaining, and there will be plenty more in the future.”

Incase, you are interested, watch some of Mahawar’s videos below: