Chhattisgarh Board to introduce easy questions in Class 10, 12 English paper to improve results

Raipur: The Chhattisgarh State Education Board (CSEB) has made a plan to improve the board exam result of English for classes 10 and 12. Instead of improving the standard of education, the education board has decided to increase the number of easy questions in the English papers of standard 10 and 12

33% questions were easy last year but 32% students failed

Last year 33 % of questions were easy. However, 32 % students still failed. This time there would be 50 % easy questions.

In 2017, 39 % students failed in English. But the board’s focus is on somehow improving the result by increasing the number of easy questions in the paper instead of improving teaching standard. Bhaskar probed the English result of the last three years and the efforts made by the government to improve the result and standard of English teaching.

Students, teachers have little interest in English

In Hindi medium schools, students and teachers have little interest in English subject. The number of English periods is less in Class 9 and 10 compared to other subjects, said educationists.