Cases against 105 food adulterators to be withdrawn in ‘public interest’

Food & Health Department, which had caught them, now wants cases withdrawn

Jaipur: Checking food adulteration is definitely in public interest but it is difficult to understand how withdrawal of cases against those charged with adulterating food can be in public interest.

However, the Rajasthan government has decided to withdraw 105 cases of food adulteration. The Home Department argues that the decision has been taken in public interest. The Health and Food Department had caught these people selling adulterated food and now the same department has recommended withdrawal of cases.

Home Department’ Special Secretary Ramesh Kumar Sharma issued an order on August 9 stating that the government had decided to withdraw the cases.

Real motive

The real motive behind withdrawal of cases is different. There are, in fact, two reasons why government has decided to withdraw the cases.

Election year

First: It is the election year. The government has withdrawn over 500 cases so far. These include 236 cases related to Gurjar reservation agitation, 12 cases related to Anandpal encounter and the authorities plan to withdraw another 300 cases related to Bharat Bandh agitation.


Second: The traders are not happy on account of GST. The government wants to appease them by withdrawing cases.

Tough provisions

The law against adulteration is quite harsh. Those caught selling unsafe products, face jail term ranging from from six months to life imprisonment, besides hefty fines.

(Story: Manoj Sharma)

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