Burari deaths: Relatives donate eyes of all 11 family members

New Delhi: The bodies of the family members found hanging mysteriously at their home North Delhi’s Burari area were cremated on Monday evening. The bizarre handwritten notes found by the police said that the eyes of all the 11 members should be donated.

As per wishes of the family, eyes of all the eleven deceased have been donated.

The notes point towards strong suspicion that there is an occult angle in the deaths.

The handwritten notes recovered at the house revealed a set of instructions on how to carry the act in order to “attain salvation”. It is still not known if the notes were written by any of the family members or by an outsider.

Out of 11 members, ten were found hanging from an iron-mesh in the ceiling inside one room, on Sunday morning, while the body of a 77-year-old woman was found lying on the floor in another room of the house. Two among the deceased were children.

Crime branch is trying to probe if the family member got brain washed and committed suicide or the teachings of the self styled godman they followed instigated them to commit suicide.

Probe by crime branch reveals that the two registers found in the house, gave a detailed account of dos and donts for each member of family. Badh Puja is mentioned in one of the registers. Probe further revealed that entries into the register started in 2015.

Badh Puja involves praying before a Banyan tree. The manner in which bodies have been found hanging, from a distance, looks like the roots of a banyan tree, said a source.

Crime branch officials revealed after speaking to relatives, that one of the sons used to have recurring dream of his late father and used to consult him before taking any decision.

A source in crime branch said, initially the entries into the register were about spirituality and healthy life, but it delved into salvation and moksha later. The last few entries spoke of forsaking worldly pleasures and concentrating more on how to ‘end life’.