Burari deaths: No strangulation, no poisoning, say PM reports of 10 of the family

Cut found on the neck of the Narayani Devi, the eldest among the deceased; report on her still pending

New Delhi: The postmortem reports of ten of the eleven members of the Bhatia family of Burari, who were found dead in their home have reached the police. Only one PM report – that of Narayani Devi, the oldest member of the family – is pending. All the reports say that the deaths were due to asphyxia, that there were no external injury marks and that the deceased had not taken any drugs or poisonous substances.

Medical Board

The postmortems were conducted by the a medical board comprising six doctors of the Maulana Azad Medical College on July 2. Alok Kumar, joint commissioner of police, said that the board handed over the reports to the crime branch on Wednesday. He said that the reports make it clear that the deceased were neither strangled nor administered any poison. He said that it seems that all of them had hanged themselves at the instance of Lalit.

Bruises on hands

The reports speak of bruises on the hands of three persons. However, the police do not suspect any foul play in the matter. It is speculated that as all the ten had hanged themselves in a small room, their hands might have brushed against each other’s or hit the room cooler kept nearby, leading to bruises.

Cut on neck

A cut has been found on the neck of Narayani Devi, whose body, unlike that of other members, was found lying on the floor. Whether that wound holds any significance would become clear only after the her PM report comes in.

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