Bulandshahr violence: Young boys named for UP cow slaughter; spent 4 hours with police

New Delhi: In a major development, in a cow slaughtering allegation in which Police Inspector Subodh Singh was killed after a clash broke out between cow slaughtering protestors and police, two children have been named as accused in one of the cases registered in Bulandshahr.

On Monday, a clash broke out between protestors alleging of cow slaughtering in Uttar Pradesh’ Bulandshahr. Singh was among two killed in the clash.

The two boys, aged 11 and 12 are among seven named in a complaint of cow slaughter registered after carcasses of cows were found strewn around in a forest near village Nayabans in Bulandshahr.

Yogesh Raj, the complainant is a Bajrang Dal activist who is the main accused in the second case – that of inspector Singh’s killing by a mob. Raj has been reported to be missing since the incident.

The right-wing activist is seen in a video arguing with the police and demanding action against cow slaughter on Monday, shortly before the situation went out of hand and a mob attacked policemen, burnt the police outpost and set vehicles on fire.

The complaint includes two children, one man who does not live in the village anymore, and three names the villagers have never heard.

The children being named as accused has shocked the whole village. The father of one of the boys says they were not even in the village the day of the incident.

“The police came to our house, called us to the police station and kept us there for four hours. They took the names of the boys and took my phone number. I was told we should be called again if required,” the father said.

So six of the seven names in the cow slaughter case are doubtful, NDTV learnt from inquiries in the village. One of the “accused” lives in Faridabad in Haryana and has not stayed in the village in 10 years.

According to the sources in UP police, any questioning or arrests will take place only after an investigation. When questioned about the children’s names as accused, they said they were duty-bound to include the names as given to them by the complainant.