Builder stages his own death to claim insurance money, fool creditors

Mohali (Haryana): Akash alias Ashu, a builder, was arrested by the Nahan police on Thursday from a train at Palwal while he was trying to flee the country after faking his death.

He was supposed to have died after his car caught fire near Nahan on 19 November. It now transpires that the unrecognisable body found in the burn car was not of Akash but of a mason Raju, who used to work for him.

Akash was summoned from his home on November 19 morning by Akash. Both, along with Akash’s nephew Ravi, drove towards Dehradun. On the way, they had liquor. Akash ensured that Raju got dead drunk. At a lonely stretch on the way, Akash and Ravi strangled Raju, seated his body on the driver’s seat and set the car afire after sprinkling petrol on it.

Police suspicious

After the incident Akash’s wife claimed that her husband had been murdered. However, the police was somehow not convinced that the story was true. They found it amazing that the car turned into a ball of fire without any reason.

Ravi was interrogated and he spilled the beans. The police discovered that Akash had faked his death to claim insurance amount of Rs 40 lakh and to escape from his creditors, to whom he owned more than Rs one crore.

Akash was planning to flee to England.

(Story: Vineet Rana)