British pharmacist ‘who joined Islamic state’ detained in Syria

Damascus: A video showing capture of a British citizen has surfaced on Twitter.  It is believed he is being held in a prison in northern Syria, guarded by US special forces. Kurdish forces detained Anwar Miah a month ago in the eastern province of Deir al-Zour.

In the video, Miah is blindfolded and says he has been working as a medic in IS territory for the last four years.

He said: “I’m a qualified pharmacist from the UK. I’ve been working in the hospitals since I came.”

At least three other British men who are accused of being members of IS are currently in Kurdish and US custody in Syria.

They include two Londoners, Shafi El-Sheikh and Alexandra Kotey, who are alleged to be members of the notorious group dubbed The Beatles. The pair were captured in January.

US officials believe the cell they belonged to beheaded more than 27 Western hostages.

(With inputs from IANS)