British army releases recruitment ad showing Muslim soldier praying

'This is Belonging' campaign seen as too politically correct by many soldiers.

London: They focus on inclusivity and are supposed to promote a feeling of camaraderie but soldiers who dare to criticise the British Army’s latest recruitment advertisements could find themselves feeling rather isolated.

Senior officers are threatening to punish anyone caught making derogatory comments on social media about the £1.6 million ‘This is Belonging’ campaign, according to a report in ‘Daily Mail’.

A warning note seen by the British newspaper on Sunday, says that top brass “have become aware that serving personnel are not following guidance and have demonstrated negative opinions” about the series of short films,. Senior officers of the British Army are said to be “increasingly frustrated by the perceived negative impact that serving personnel are having on this campaign,” the report added.

The note also warns that anyone who snipes at the advertisements “can be dealt with under disciplinary action as appropriate”.

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