Box-office: ‘Fanney Khan’, ‘Mulk’ and ‘Karwaan’ flop miserably

Mumbai: It’s been a disastrous weekend at the box-office, as all three films that released last Friday flopped at the box-office. The collections of the three films were so low that neither crossed the 7 crore mark. They all opened on Friday collecting an approximate 2 crore and followed Saturday with even dismal collections.
Trade analyst Narendra Gupta said, “All three films have been complete washouts. They fared very poorly with none of them crossing the 7 crore mark. There doesn’t seem to be much hope either this week. Fanney Khan will be the one that will be worst affected. It was a costly film but audience rejected it. The story was bad. Only Anil Kapoor was the saving grace. Mulk got good reviews but it has not translated into good profits yet. Karwaan entertained some who watched it. But it is a multiplex film and single screen masses rejected it.”
Another trade analyst Amod Mehra said, “Fanney Khan which was perceived to be the best among the lot turned out to be bad and has sunk. Karwaan was not promoted well. Mulk is the only decent one among the lot and received good critical reviews. With no great releases this week barring Vishwaroopam 2, Mulk has a chance of making some money. Otherwise it has been a dull weekend.”