Bollywood has shown pain of triple talaq in many films from Nikaah and Chaudhvin Ka Chand to Halal

After the Lok Sabha, Triple Talaq bill has been passed in the Rajya Sabha. Now after the President’s approval it will become law on it. Bollywood has not been lagging behind in showing the pain of the women who have been divorced through 3 talaq. From Guru Dutt to many many filmmakers of today’s era have made films on this topic.

These films show the pain of women

Name changed to- Nikaah

The name of the movie ‘Nikaah’ made in 1982 was originally ‘Talaq Talaq Talaq’. When BR Chopra told the friend about the film. He was then asked that if a Muslim man comes home after seeing this movie and if his wife asks him the name of the film then what reply he will give, He will say Talaq Talaq Talaq. In such a situation, according to Sharia, a number of women would get divorced. After a lot of brainstorming the film name was changed to ‘Nikah’. In this film, Raj Babbar, Deepak Parashar and Salma Agha played lead roles.

Guru Dutt’s film – Chaudhvin Ka Chand

The 1975 film of Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rehman’s Chaudhvin Ka Chand was also a film made on the Islamic culture of Lucknow. Two of the three best friends who live in this city have fallen in love with the same woman named Jameela. Aslam (Guru Dutt) and Nawab (Rehman) are the two friends caught in this love triangle with Jameela (Waheeda Rehman). An integral part of any Guru Dutt film, comic relief was provided by Johnny Walker, who plays Mirza Masaraddik Shaiza.

Story of marriage and obligations- Halal

The movie Halal, which was released in 2017, also raised the issue of triple talaq. Amol Kagne, Chinmay Mandelkar, Pritam Kagne, Priyadarshan Jadhav played key roles in this film. The story of the film was written by Rajan Khan. It was directed by Shivaji Loton Patil.

Meena Kumari suffered pain of 3 talaq in real life

Apart from the stories of films, Meena Kumari, famously known as Tragedy Queen, had to suffer pain of triple divorce in real life. However, director Kamal Amrohi realized his mistake and got Meena Kumari married with his friend and Zeenat Aman’s father Amanullah Khan. A month after this marriage, Aman divorced Meena and she was able to marry Kamal again.