Bollywood A-listers distance themselves from #MeToo movement

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hile on one hand Bollywood celebs are offering their support to #MeToo movement on Twitter, on the other hand they are reluctant to talk about it in public. Many A-listers expressed their irritation when faced with a volley of general #MeToo questions.

At a recent interaction, director-producer Karan Johar sent across a word through his publicists that no questions pertaining to #MeToo should be asked. At the 20th anniversary celebrations of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, there was no press conference to ensure no #MeToo questions were asked.

At an even, when actor Jackie Shroff was asked about #MeToo, the Ram Lakhan actor refused to comment. Anticipating similar questions at a fashion show on Wednesday, the actor insisted upon the PR to ask him questions and refused to take a single query from the journalists.

At the same event, the usually outspoken actor, Boman Irani, informed the press before hand that he wouldn’t be answering any #MeToo questions. When a journalist went ahead and still asked him a question on #MeToo, the actor was visibly irked and chided the journalist for not obeying his earlier request.

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