Black is not beautiful for Rajasthan Government

Jaipur: After protesters wore black clothes, released black balloons in the air and waved black flags at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s public meeting here in July, a once-bitten-twice-shy Rajasthan Government has issued an order, imposing a blanket ban on black at the state-level Teacher’s Day function scheduled for September 5.

The state government is planning a massive show on the day and 50,000 teachers from all over the state have been invited to attend the function, where around 160 teachers will be felicitated. The District Education Officers have issued strict directives to the teachers not to attend the function dressed in black. Besides black shirts, t-shirts and trousers; black belts, shoes, socks and even black handkerchiefs have been banned. The women teachers have also been issued similar directives.

‘No dress code’

However, Nareshpal Gangwar, principal secretary of the education department denied that any such order has been issued. “No dress code has been prescribed for the function,” he said.

Vipin Prakash Sharma, senior vice-president Rajasthan Primary and Middle Teachers’ Association reiterates that such an order has, in fact, been issued. “I don’t know what the government is doing. Does it think teachers are its slaves? He said.