MP elections: BJP brings ‘Osamaji’ back from grave after Congress promises to ban shakhas

Bhopal: The Congress ‘promise’ to reclamp the ban on holding of RSS shakhas in government offices in its election manifesto released on Saturday raised a political storm on Sunday to the extent of resurrecting ‘Osamaji’ from the grave. The manifesto also speaks of not allowing participation of government employees in RSS activities.

The BJP’s media-in-charge of the state, Sambit Patra said, “It seems the Congress has a one-point agenda these days we won’t allow construction of temple, we won’t allow RSS shakhas. And their leader, Digivijaya Singh, honours terrorist Laden as ‘Osamaji’.” Patra’s statement came in reference to a controversial statement of ex-CM Digvijaya Singh made in 2011 following the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Several other leaders joined the flurry of counter-statements on the issue. Former Union minister P Chidambaram, who was in Indore, said that the RSS was a political organisation and government employees could not connect to political organisations while in service.

State Congress chief Kamal Nath said that the BJP was spreading lies on a single point in the ‘Vachan Patra’ that the Congress was planning to ban the RSS. The party is in panic mode because of our promises.

‘Cong supports Naxal, calls for RSS ban’

  • The Congress leaders support Naxals, call them revolutionaries, but call for a ban on RSS, said Sambit Patra, BJP national spokesman.
  • However, recently, Congress general secretary Deepak Babaria had, himself, said that its cadre should learn discipline from RSS.
  • Rahul Gandhi, Kamal Nath and Digvijaya Singh should make it clear what kind of ban they want to impose on the RSS.
  • These leaders should also tender apology for including such a point in their manifesto for the Assembly elections.

‘Gaur, Uma Bharti continued with ban’

  • This is unnecessary hue and cry. There is nothing new about RSS in the Congress Vachan Patra, said Cong leader Digvijaya Singh.
  • There is a ban on government employees participating in the RSS activities at the central government level too.
  • This ban was continued in MP by the governments led by BJP’s Uma Bharti and Babulal Gaur too.
  • We have just said in manifesto that the ban on government employees participating in RSS shakhas would continue.

I dare them to ban RSS: BJP state chief

  • This is ‘vinashkale viparit buddhi’ (wrong thinking at the time of destruction. This is beginning of the end of Cong, said Rakesh Singh
  • I dare Congress to ban the RSS. The party has no problems in standing by anti-national forces.
  • Cong even stood by the persons who raised the slogans on the JNU campus to divide the nation.

The Osama controversy

  • BJP’s attack refers to the comment made by Digvijaya Singh after the US forces gunned down Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011.
  • Former MP chief minister referred to the al-Qaeda founder as ‘Osamaji’, and complained that he was not given a proper funeral.
  • Singh had said ‘Osamaji had been living in Pakistan for so many years. How’s it possible that the Pakistani authorities couldn’ locate him?’
  • He defended his comment that the US authorities should have given the al-Qaeda leader a dignified burial.
  • But, later, Singh had said, ‘Absolutely yes, thanks to the media. What can I do when the media didn’t understand my sarcasm regarding Osama found near the Pakistan military academy.’