Birthday/ Akshay Kumar is fit like 25-year-old at age of 52, people close to him said – Discipline, dedication is secret of his fitness

Akshay Kumar has turned 52. Born on 9 September 1967 in Amritsar, Punjab, Akshay still has the energy and enthusiasm of a 25-year-old youth. On the occasion of his birthday, Dainik Bhaskar spoke to people associated with him for years and learned how he keeps himself young and fit even at this age During this, it was found that his routine starts at 4 am. After the shooting, he returns home by 5 pm, so that his schedule of sleeping at 9 pm does not get disturbed.

From bodyguards to action directors, do you know what they said: –

Tele, Akshay’s bodyguard for 13 years,¬†says the secret of Akshay sir’s fitness is his discipline. He sleeps ay 9 in the night and wakes up early in the morning. He dines before 6 o’clock to sleep early and wakes up early in the morning. Also, pays great attention to diet. Wakes up at 4 am and exercises. In exercise, he first walks the staircase and then goes cycling. Apart from this, he does skipping, running and gym training. Then from 6 o’clock, his shooting work starts. He comes home by 5 pm, falls asleep at 9 pm. Does not leave this habit even in outdoor shoots.

Kiara Advani, Actress, says his lifestyle is also perfect and inspiring. I wish I could get stamina like Akshay. His lifestyle keeps his skin glowing and healthy. Everyone should follow this lifestyle.

Is as fit today as he was 20-25 years ago: Shyam Kaushal, action director

Akshay is as fit as he was 20-25 years ago. There has been no difference in him since then. Whether it is his body’s flexibility or control of body movement. Everything is as good as it was before. It seems to me that he has become even better with the passage of time. I think the reason for this is that he lives a very disciplined life.

Even today, if you have to reach for the shoot at 5 in the morning, then he reaches at 5 o’clock. Similarly, he is very dedicated in terms of workouts. He is still doing what he used to do in childhood. He had learned martial arts in his childhood, but he did not leave him even after coming in films and kept practising.

Sunil Rodriguez, Action Director ‘Suryavanshi’, said Akshay still performs stunts like he used to do 20 years ago. I first worked with him in 1996 in ‘Saput’ and since then he is as sweet, disciplined and fit as ever. Today’s actors come and give a shot and then sit in the vanity but Akshay is not like this. He has the passion and energy to stop on set.