Bihar: Vaishali’s historic Sarovar completely dries up

Water resources department to take measures to save the ancient sarovar situated near Vishwa Shanti Stupa – which is visited by lakhs of people annually.

Vaishali: In Bihar’s Vaishali district, the 2500-year-old Abhishek Pushkarini Sarovar has completely dried up. The water table in the area has gone down by four feet.

Hand-pumps of nearby villages also drying up

This is because there is not enough water in the nearby Tirhut canal. The hand-pumps of the surrounding villages are also drying up. The Tirhut canal, passing through Manikpur, 4 km away from the lake, used to overflow during the rainy season. Owing to which, the sarovar never dried up. Now the officials of the Water Resources Department are contemplating to once again bring water to the sarovar from the Tirhut canal. The World Shanti Stupa, built by Buddhist community near Pushkarani, is visited by lakhs of people every year.

Ancient rulers considered sarovar sacred

Whenever a new ruler was elected in the historic Lichchavi kingdom, he was anointed with the water of this lake. Only after becoming pure with the holy water of the lake, the Lichchavi rulers used to sit in the Gantantrik auditorium. People used to take bath in this lake in ‘shubh muhurat’ (auspicious occasions). This lake was considered holy like Ganga.

Sarovar is filled with canal water

  • Water Resources Department has been instructed to prepare the project within 25 days
  • Abhishek Pushkarini Sarovar is 550 meter long and 300 meters broad
  • The historic lake was filled with the water of canal which is 4 km away