Bhutan’s young scientists will come to India to build a small satellite for their country: PM Narendra Modi

Thimphu: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday offered far-reaching cooperation between India and Bhutan in new areas such as space and digital payments. He said the students in Bhutan have the power and capacity to do remarkable things, which will influence future generations.

Addressing the students of the Royal University of Bhutan in Thimphu, Modi urged them to work hard and take the Himalayan nation to glorious heights.

“The world today offers more opportunities than ever before. You have the power and potential to do extraordinary things, which will impact generations to come.

Find your real calling: “Find your true calling and pursue it with full passion,” he told the audience which included ministers, lawmakers, and senior officials.

Noting that there are several challenges ahead, he said, “For every challenge, we have young minds to find innovative solutions to overcome them.”

Scientists from Bhutan will come to India to design their own satellite: He welcomed scientists from Bhutan who are set to travel to India to work on designing and launching the country’s satellite.

“It is even a matter of great happiness that young Bhutanese scientists will travel to India to work on designing and launching Bhutan’s own small satellite. I hope that someday soon, many of you will be scientists, engineers, and innovators,” he said.

India keen to cooperate with Bhutan in new frontiers: Modi said India was keen to cooperate with Bhutan in new frontiers.

“We inaugurated the Thimphu Ground Station of the South Asia Satellite and expanded our space cooperation. Through satellites, benefits of telemedicine, distance education, resource mapping, weather forecast and even warning of natural disasters reach even remote areas.”

Prime Minister Modi hailed Indo-Bhutanese ties. “The bond of learning between us is as modern as it is ancient. In the 20th century, many Indians came to Bhutan as teachers. Most Bhutanese citizens of older generations would have had at least one India teacher during their education,” Modi said.”