Bhopal/ Youth had committed suicide at school, police reveal on basis of video found in seized mobile

Bhopal: In the Panchsheel Nagar area of Bhopal, the police have made a big disclosure about the dead body of a youth found in a school. The body was chained and burnt. The police suspect he had committed suicide. Police have given this information based on the video found in the youth’s mobile phone.

TT Nagar CSP Umesh Tiwari said that a mobile phone was seized from the youth’s house and a video was found in it. The video is made by the youth on December 6 at 9.14 pm. In this, the youth is saying that I am myself responsible for my death, do not bother anyone for this. Along with this, the police have also suspected that the young man Anil Thackeray is the same, who went missing three days ago. However, to confirm this, the police have taken DNA samples of the relatives.

How did the young man enter the room: Panchsheel Nagar shops are adjacent to the storeroom from where the body was recovered. These shops can be climbed and one can enter inside. Apart from this, one can enter inside the boundary wall of the school. The police are now investigating how the youth possibly entered the school.

DNA samples of Anil’s family members collected:Police have collected DNA samples of the relatives of Anil Thackeray, who had been missing from Panchsheel Nagar for three days to identify the deceased. However, Anil’s brother refused to recognize him after seeing the body. CSP Umesh Tiwari says that Anil does work of sewing bags. It has been told that Anil’s mental balance is not right.