Bhopal Municipal Corporation to splurge Rs 27 cr on green, blue dustbins

Bhopal: In order to secure the top slot in the country under Swachh Survekshan, 2019, Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) is about to splurge public money amounting to Rs 27 crore on dustbins. Interestingly, BMC is forced to take this step because of a clash between guidelines prescribed by the Centre under Swachh Survekshan and its own endeavour to generate power using garbage collected from the city.

Clash of initiatives

According to Survekshan guidelines, BMC must collect garbage from residential and commercial areas segregated as dry and wet waste, or else it may forget about bagging the top position among the cities in India in the cleanliness survey in 2019.

However, according to its own initiative of generating power using garbage, for which it is already building a power plant at a cost of Rs 464 crore, segregation of waste is not required as the power plant will need mixed garbage.

Thus, instead of raising concerns over the guidelines of the Centre, BMC has decided to waste Rs 27 crore of public money for putting green, blue and smart dustbins in the city and establishing a plant to recycle organic waste which will only add unnecessary complexities of first segregating the garbage and then mixing it before being used for power generation, say sources.

OP Bharadwaj, city engineer, said that power from garbage would be generated next year, but the survey needed segregation of waste in the current year.

Money management

  • Rs 16 crore is to be spent by Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited (BSCDCL) on smart dustbins.
  • Rs 3 crore is to be spent by BMC on green and blue dustbins to be put up across the city.
  • Rs 4.5 crore is to be spent by BMC for dumping 300 metric tons of wet waste in Adampur Chhavani of the total 800 metric tons garbage collected from the city on a daily basis.
  • Rs 3.5 crore will be spent on miscellaneous works totalling up to Rs 27 crore.
  • Rs 15 crore has already been spent by BMC on dustbins in the past two years.

Similar issues in 76 cities

  • Around Rs 1,600 crore is being spent on 378 cities in total in Madhya Pradesh to scientifically manage garbage in plants to be established in 14 clusters.
  • In 6 of these clusters, waste will be used to generate power and, in the rest, fertilisers will be produced.
  • 76 cities would be covered under the 6 clusters and, in all these cities, public money would be wasted on dustbins, said sources.

(Story by Kuldeep Singoria)