Bhopal girl calls off engagement after fiancé says no to honeymoon in US

Vadodara: Deepesh Jedani, a local lawyer was betrothed to Bhopal’s Divya Kaltari, who he had met on a matrimonial site. After their engagement, Divya proposed that the couple should go to the United States for their honeymoon, but Deepesh rejected the idea. This angered Divya and she broke off the relationship.

Deepesh is now making rounds of police stations to get back the jewellery and gifts worth ₹1.19 lakh he had given to his ex-fiancée during the engagement ceremony. He has filed a complaint against his ex-fiancée, her father and others.

Matrimonial site

Deepesh and Divya had met in December last year on a matrimonial site, after which their families met and their marriage was arranged. Their engagement took place on January 27 in Bhopal. Deepesh’s family gave gold jewellery, a wristwatch and ₹27,100 in cash as gifts to his fiancée. Their wedding was to take place on April 30.

On February 26, Divya proposed going to the United States after marriage and sent Deepesh a message with details of a ₹2.07 lakh per person travel package. Deepesh refused saying that the package was too expensive. On February 28, without giving any reason, Divya broke off the marriage.

After this, Deepesh demanded the engagement gifts back, which Divya refused to give. She also threatened Deepesh saying that she will file a fake complaint against him.

Demanded iPhone X on Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, Divya asked for an iPhone X from Deepesh. Deepesh told Divya and her mother that he cannot buy her such an expensive phone. Instead, he got her a phone for ₹24,900 as a gift. Apart from this, he also gifted her dresses, cash, and silver jewellery. After the engagement, both used to talk to each other on phone. In the complaint submitted to the police, Deepesh has also said that he even used to recharge his ex-fiancée’s phone.

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