Bhopal: Decomposed body found in wooden box inside flat locked for months

Bhopal: About 6-7 month old decomposed body of a woman was recovered from an apartment in Vidya Nagar area under Baghsevania police station here on Sunday. The body was rolled up in quilts and bed-sheets and kept inside a wooden box.

SDOP Deepesh Agrawal said the body is probably of Vimla, wife of Brijmohan Shrivastava. Vimla was a former clerk of MP Road Transport Corporation and used to live in this flat. She had got the job on compassionate grounds after her husband’s death but had recently suffered a paralytic attack.

The incident is chilling reminder of serial killer Udyan Das, who had allegedly killed his live-in partner in Saket Nagar here in February 2017 and had locked the body in a trunk and buried it under layers of concrete. He had also admitted to killing his parents in Raipur.  

Son untraceable for last 6-7 months

Her 31-year-old son Amit Shrivastava also used to live with her but he has been missing for the past 6-7 months and the flat has been lying vacant since then. Amit was an unemployed, unmarried man. Mother and son didn’t interact much with neighbours and so were not missed by them, said the police.

The incident came to light when the present owner of the apartment Ramveer Singh’s son arrived to take possession of the flat along with his relative Dharmendra Singh and two workers. Ramveer Singh, an eatery owner and resident of Nehru Nagar, had purchased the flat in June last year.

Blast of foul smell hit workers when they opened the box

Ramveer’s son opened the lock of the flat. When the workers opened the wooden box, they were hit by a blast of foul odour. Everyone was shocked when a mummified body tumbled out after the pile of quilts and blankets was unrolled. Subsequently the police were informed. Police have sent the body for post-mortem and the report is awaited.

Flat owner Ramveer Singh said he had got the 1BHK flat registered with BDA on June 2 2018. “About a fortnight prior to registration my son had obtained Vimla’s consent”, he said. “She had given her consent letter for the registry. The flat’s deal was done for Rs 6 lakh. We paid Rs 2.5 lakh to Amit and the balance amount to BDA as Amit had not cleared his dues to BDA.”

According to the police, the flat on the second floor was in the name of Vimla. After her husband’s death she had started living here with son Amit.

Vimla had suffered paralytic attack and her kidneys had also stopped functioning. So the police believe the body recovered from the wooden box is of Vimla.

Family friends and neighbours informed that Amit used to borrow money for the treatment of his mother and was under depression. Vimla had a daughter who had died when she was 10.

Amit’s disappearance baffling

Police said they are trying to confirm if the body is of Vimla. The mysterious disappearance of Amit is baffling and cops are trying to find him. The family belonged to Gwalior and police. Police are trying to find about the relatives of Amit and Vimla in Bhopal and Gwalior.