Bhopal: Alert cops halt train to save woman out to commit suicide

Bhopal: It was around 11 am on Friday. Ramesh Mishra and Nisar Khan, both ASIs in the Madhya Pradesh police, were deployed at the Singarcholi railway crossing, on the road leading to the Bhopal airport. The chief minister was to land at the airport shortly and they were supposed to keep the road clear for his cavalcade.

Suddenly, a woman came rushing to Mishra. She was in tears. “Please save the life of my sister, sir. She left the house a couple of minutes back after a quarrel with our mother, declaring that she was going to throw herself before a train.”

Train approaches

A cop talks to the woman after rescuing her

And then, Mishra spotted a woman sitting on the track about 300 metres away. He decided to rush to her and drag her away from the tracks. But just then, he heard the  sound of a train approaching the crossing from the other side. Mishra and Khan both started running towards the approaching engine by the side of the railway track. The train, mercifully, was not running fast and the driver spotted them. He peeped out from his cabin and asked them what the matter was.


ASI Ramesh Mishra

“Please stop the train. There is a woman on the track,” they shouted back. Before they could say anything more, the engine swept past them. However, the driver had heard what they said and he immediately applied the brakes. The two cops kept on running alongside the moving train. With a screech, the train came to a stop, with the woman barely three metres away from the engine.

The two then dragged her away and signalled the driver to move on. The woman was later handed over to her sister. She told the cops that she was living with her parents for the past three years as her husband used to thrash her. She has a five-year-old son.