Best place to store your photos

How many times have you lost your memorable photos just because of some hardware failure and regretted not saving them anywhere else? Well, not anymore 

It is extremely crucial these days that your library of photos and videos should be appropriately backed up, especially to decent cloud storage. OneDrive and Google Photos are two cloud storage services available, yet they are different from each other among certain aspects. Let’s find out how.


OneDrive, while giving off the impression of being cloud storage for all file types in general, also doubles up as a photo backup service. It is available on both iOS and Android. Google Photos focuses solely on ../images and videos, leaving other file types to Google Drive.

Backing up

Both OneDrive and Google Photos allow for seamless uploading of ../images and videos to the cloud. However, OneDrive’s upload management capabilities feel rather limited. Google Photos, on the other hand, provides a greater range of options that include modifying upload preferences for both photos and videos, grouping ../images by face, customizing Assistant cards, etc.

Available free storage

OneDrive offers 5GB of storage for your photos, but since the quota is shared with any other files that you may upload, expect it to fill up pretty fast. Google Photos, however, gives a generous 15GB of free storage!

Viewing uploaded photos

OneDrive and Google Photos work quite similarly on both Android and iOS. On the OneDrive app, tapping Photos shifts the user interface into a photo-viewing mode. Google Photos takes things a notch higher. All of your ../images will be intelligently analyzed and grouped by person, geographical landmark, location, object type, etc. Compared with OneDrive, Google Photos is better in terms of the image management tools.

So, what is best?

Google Photos is most definitely the better pick out of the two there is simply no way that OneDrive can beat its high-quality offering with unlimited image and video backups.

On desktop

Both OneDrive and Google Photos feature support for PCs and Macs, with dedicated desktop apps that sync photos locally in real time. OneDrive uses the OneDrive sync client (pre-installed by default on Windows 10), while Google Photos require that you have the Backup and Sync client installed.
Once synced onto a desktop, OneDrive groups uploaded photos within the Camera Roll folder by year (or month), while Backup & Sync categorizes them under a folder labeled Google Photos.
Aside from the fact that you can also upload ../images to Google Photos using High-Quality mode, there are no other remarkable differences.

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