Bengaluru techie rides horse to work on last day in protest against traffic

New Delhi: A software engineer decided to make his last day at work memorable, and quite evidently he did as he made headlines across the nation. He has plans to launch a start-up.

Roopesh Kumar Verma decided to not slog away in a corporate office, and make a larger-than-life exit. With a simple yet exciting idea he protested against the mind-boggling traffic in Bengaluru. He rode a horse to work in protest of the annoying traffic in the city and also for celebrating his last day of work as a software employee.

Attracting a lot of attention on horseback he rode to his office at the Embassy Golf Links campus. However, it took him a ridiculous seven hours to reach his office – he left from his residence at 7 am, according to Deccan Herald, and reached the office at 2 pm!

Verma was born in Pilani, Rajasthan and has been working in Bengaluru for eight years.