Before Holi, this bus driver dresses as female in Rajasthan

Jhunjhunu: Anyone can be shocked upon seeing this driver who runs a public transport bus between Khetri Copper and Bikaner in Rajasthan. But Naresh, resident of Ghardana, dresses as a female two days prior to Holi while driving the bus.

He says he does so to raise awareness towards need to respect women. He started doing so from last year.

He grabbed people’s attention on Monday as he left Khetri Copper and stopped briefly at Jhunjhunu’s Mandawa Mod Circle.

Video of a woman driving bus had gone viral last year

About a year back a video had gone viral in which a woman in Marwari dress and wearing a ghoonghat (head scarf) was seen driving a bus.

People were surprised to see the woman driving the bus. Later the reality came to light. People learnt that he was the driver of a private bus. On the occasion of Holi, he dressed as a woman to have awareness among passengers.