Baba of a different genre: Dera chief gets 5 bridges built at a cost of Rs 20 cr

Not a penny was taken from government. nor any technical help was sought

Ambala: When the Governments of Punjab and Haryana did not help, Baba Mast Diwana Bulle Shah of Kadampur became the messiah for the villagers. He listened to the villagers’ woes and with their cooperation, built five bridges across the rivers. He has made life easier for thousands of people.

Bridge on Ghaggar

Now the Baba’s army of volunteers is building a bridge over the Ghaggar river on Punjab-Haryana border, which would be a lifeline for both the states once built. The pillars of the bridge, costing Rs 1.5 crore, are already in place and the work would resume after monsoon. Once the bridge is ready, a distance of 30 km would reduce to just 3 km.

People’s woes moved Baba

Baba Mast Diwana Bulle Shah, head of Dera Baba Bhikam Shah, said he had never thought of building bridges but decided to build one when he learnt about the problems of people of village Bhunarhedi. The first bridge was built at a cost of Rs 4.32 crore.

This was the beginning. In 2007 a bridge at a cost of Rs 1.47 crore was built at village Chhiyali, followed by another at Haryana’s Halka Guhka two years later at cost of Rs 1.48 crore. Bridges at Mohali and Mansa-Sunam were built at cost of Rs 12.10 crore and Rs 60 lakh respectively.

Selfless service by Baba’s Sangat

There are 2,500 people in Baba’s Sangat and they work selflessly and dedicatedly to build the bridge. Their only aim is to help others and no money is demanded for the work. Cement, rods and other material is purchased and for this villagers happily donate money. No help is taken from any engineer or official of the department. Baba’s engineers supervise the work.

Ghaggar becomes impossible to cross

Ghaggar River

Ghaggar is the only means to reach Punjab for the people residing in Haryana’s villages Ghelkalan and Nizampur. Earlier there used to be only two feet deep water in the river and people could cross it easily but due to rampant encroachments the width of Ghaggar has been greatly reduced and now the water in the river is 30 feet deep.

People of Haryana’s Ghelkalan and Nizampur and Punjab’s Ranjarpur, Gadapur and Ballopur villages approached Baba Mast Diwana. People of these villages are also donating money voluntarily for the construction of the bridge.

(Story: Navneet Sharma)

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