Avinesh Rekhi shares a heartfelt bond with Param on sets of Choti Sarrdaarni

Choti Sarrdaarni has been greatly appreciated and loved by the viewers. The special camaraderie shared between the artists reflects beautifully on screen as well as off-screen.  Bonding together and making memories seem to be the most enjoyed philosophy on the sets. From crew members to cast, they all have become one big family.

In the middle of their daily shooting, the actors of Choti Sarrdaarni believe in ‘workout together to stay fit together’. The lead actor Avinesh Rekhi, who plays the character of Sarabjit Gill, shares a heartfelt bond with Param, who plays the role of his son in the show.

During their free time, both Sarabjit and Param entertain and challenge each other on different workouts which keep their josh high. One such picture-perfect moment was when Param challenged Sarabjit to do push-ups. The actor took up the challenge very gracefully and completed the challenge but of course, he had to play around and pretend to lose the challenge to see Param happy and smiling.

Commenting on this the actor said, “I am a father of a son in reality, so in a way, I have a great amount of experience on how to deal with kids. Fortunately, Param is a happy go lucky child, playful and high on energy 24X7.”

Avinesh says further: ‘At times when we are irritated and tired due to our long working hours, Param is the one who enlightens my mood with his weird challenges and keeps entertaining me. One of the craziest moments was when he recently gave me a push-up challenge. It is fun to have him around and to work out with him because he is so full of high spirits.’