Audience is immature and don’t understand the relevance of sex scenes: Rajshri Deshpande

'It was a tender moment between a husband and wife,' says the actor.

New Delhi: Rajshri Deshpande portray’s the character of Subhadra, a gangster’s wife in the newly launched web-series Scared Games. Even though her acting earned her accolades from all quarters, some creeps have taken out snapshots of sex scenes in the series and shared them in porn-sites.

“It was a tender moment between a husband and wife,” she says referring to the love-making scene between her character and actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s, Ganesh Gaitonde in the first season of the web-series.

“Sex is a beautiful thing… coming close is a beautiful thing. It is unfortunate that people are talking about it this way. They (the audiences) are immature and don’t understand the relevance of these (sex) scenes. I am not dancing on something which is derogatory. I am making love to my husband and that too not in a crass way,” the actor further adds, reports Hindustan Times.

Unfazed about the criticism, the actor says that people in India have a habit of brushing things under the carpet as opposed to dealing with it.

“I did feel bad about it (criticism), but I have to move on. As an artist, I have to do my job. I know my intention was not wrong. The writers (Smita Singh, Vasant Nath and Varun Grover) are very good at their job, they would not write something which is not relevant. It is not like a commercial item number, ki pehle item number becho, fir movie bhechege,” says Rajshri, who has also acted in Angry Indian Goddesses (2015) and starred in Sexy Durga, later retitled as S Durga. 

Talking about the challenges her film, S Durga faced during its release in India, Rajshri says the film released in just two theatres in Mumbai and the whole team ended up losing a lot of money.

“My genre of work is limited, I can say that I am happy because I am getting work but there is nothing beyond that. I am not a saleable product. We didn’t have a proper distribution system, we don’t have that. My kind of actors are still struggling because we get fewer roles and therefore the pressure on us is too high.”

But Rajshri sees a glimmer of hope in directors like Anurag Kashyap, who are constantly in search for actors like her. “I never met Anurag before but he has seen a film of mine and he had me in mind. There are directors who know what they want. They don’t care which actor socialises more or is seen more in public. But very few directors go out looking for actors,” she told the national daily.

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