Ashish Pandey shares what happened at the hotel on the fateful night

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]shish Pandey, son of former BSP MP Rakesh Pandey, was arrested on Thursday, after he surrendered at Delhi Patiala House court. A video went viral early this week in which Pandey was seen brandishing a gun and threatening a couple at a five-star hotel in Delhi.

Pandey told the police that he got scared after the video went viral and was hiding in UP’s Basti for days with his wife and child.

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During police interrogation, Pandey told police that he came to Delhi to meet his friend cum business partner Sahil Girdhar and his wife Chandni and was staying at his office in Jangpura. On October 13, he went to have dinner at Girdhar’s place where he met three UK-based women, among the three two were Pamela Rulles and Antonio Maria, who were staying at Oberoi hotel.

“After dinner, we went to Hyatt to have coffee where Sahil introduced me to a man Gaurav and his girlfriend Hina. Around 3am in the morning, Hina was not feeling well and went to the washroom. A few moments later, his boyfriend Gaurav followed her to check. When Rulles entered the washroom she spotted Gaurav inside and she screamed seeing him.

Meanwhile, Rulles called Girdhar and asked him to come to the spot, Pandey told Gaurav to come out and leave the women alone, however, Gaurav refused and the fight began. Later, security guards dispersed the duo.

Another fight began when Pandey’s BMW car was brought into the hotel’s porch by a valet. Pandey took his gun out from his car and moved towards Hina and Gaurav.

Again guards dispersed the duo and Ashish left the hotel while Hina and Gaurav were at the hotel.

Later, Ashish dropped the women at Oberoi hotel and went back to the place where he was residing in Delhi.

Who recorded the video?

Antonio Maria, who was sitting on the rear seat of the car with her friend, recorded the whole incident on her phone.

How the video went viral?

Maria forwarded the video to her friend, an arms dealer in Delhi, and the went video went viral.