As Nasa lands InSight robot on Mars, hilarious #MarsLanding memes break the internet

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he US space agency Nasa has landed a new robot on Mars after a dramatic seven-minute plunge to the surface of the Red Planet.

The InSight probe aims to study the Red Planet’s deep interior, and make it the only planet – apart from Earth – that has been examined in this way. It touched down on Mars at 2.52:59pm ET, a successful landing after an almost seven-month journey through deep space.

The first picture of this landscape came back very quickly, within minutes. It showed a smudged, fisheye view of the robot’s surroundings.

A later picture captured by a camera on InSight’s topside was much clearer.

The probe immediately went to work, aiming to activate its solar panels before beginning the weeks-long process of setting instruments in place.

The mission is set to last for two Earth years – which is a little overone Mars year. The information it gathers should help scientists to better understand how Earth and other planets in the solar system were formed at the dawn of the solar system – 4.6bn years ago.

While the world is rejoicing over the another giant leap by mankind, there were some who couldn’t help but share some hilarious memes. Take a look at some of them here: