As Centre promotes generic medicines, manufacturers fail in quality control

New Delhi: The Narendra Modi government has been appealing to doctors to prescribe generic medicines. However, the quality of these medicines has become a matter of concern.

Manufacturers do not follow Good Manufacturing Practice

It has come to light that the small companies manufacturing generic medicines do not follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). For example, the expiry date of the medicines is not known. Additionally, the storage conditions of the drugs are also not specified. The central and state drugs control departments checked 182 such small manufacturers. Out of them, 73 companies were found to be substandard by 50 per cent.

No action taken

The central drugs control department has asked its corresponding state departments to cancel the license of such companies. But no action has been taken against the erring companies. Owing to which, the companies continue to manufacture and sell substandard medicines. According to Drugs Controller General of India Dr S Ishwara Reddy, the GMP for branded and generic medicine manufacturers is the same.